Townsend, Mount (Traverse)

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SC - Scrambling
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A large peak north of Canmore and the highest of a long ridge of mountains which extend NW toward a pass between the South Ghost River on the E and Carrot Ck on the W. Named after Group Captain Peter Townsend, who was the first true love of Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret was the sister of Queen Elizabeth II. (from

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3rd Class
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Thursday, August 30, 2018

My first good look at Mount Townsend was from Cougar Peak earlier in 2018 upon reaching its summit after a fun, early season scramble in mid May with Wietse - and it looked pretty darn impressive! After getting home and doing some research I also became interested in two unofficial peaks next to Townsend along the ridge towards Mount Fable dubbed, "Epic" and "Mythic" towers. These two peaks were first climbed and reported on by John Martin in 1993 and documented by Gillean Daffern in her Kananaskis Trail Guide series of books. Bob Spirko scrambled yet another minor peak along the same ridge from the Fable Creek drainage in 2008 and named it, "Little Mythic Tower". Cornelius Rott used Bob's beta in September of 2017 and scrambled both towers from Fable Creek, using the same approach as Bob had. Upon gazing at the Townsend to Fable ridge, I decided that there was no reason not to combine Mount Townsend with John Martin's two towers and Bob's minor summit to take advantage of the very long Cougar Creek approach and tag four interesting summits in one long day. I really didn't expect that long day to be in 2018 already though!


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Class 3 : you fall, you break your leg
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A very long creek approach with minor bushwhacking, some routefinding and some sheep trails. The traverse is moderate to difficult depending on whether Mythic Tower is included.