Currie, Mount

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During World War I, Gen. Sir Arthur Currie became first Canadian commander of the Canadian Corps and later the Canadian Army. First ascent in 1916 by the Interprovincial Boundary Commission. (from

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SC - Scrambling
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Trip Date: 
Sunday, June 24, 2018
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After our trip up Mount Morrison and Owl Peak earlier in the week, Phil and I had been thinking (obsessing) about its supposedly easy neighbor to the south - Mount Currie. This might seem strange to some folks, but Phil and I don't just love peakbagging, we love getting to peaks that are not done very often and are remote and somewhat challenging to access. For us it's about the backcountry experience as much as the summit. Lucky for us, Mount Currie happened to have a bit of everything that we love including a bike approach, hiking along a scenic river with ever diminishing trails, wild creek crossings and some pretty remote wilderness. We were also the 4th or 5th recorded ascent party in the last 31 years to sign the register, so even though the peak is technically quite easy and apparently even visible from the Spray Lakes road, it's remoteness and relative obscurity have resulted in only a few ascents.


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Class 3 : you fall, you break your leg
Difficulty Notes: 

While there's no technical terrain on our route, there is very steep, vegetated slopes which are exposed to cliffs below. Remote peak with unbridged stream crossings.