Hell's Ridge

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OT - Off-Trail Hiking
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According to Gillean Daffern, the name "Hell's Ridge" reflects the difficulties a local rancher had with rounding up his cattle on the wooded slopes of this ridge. I believe it must have been hell, after snowshoeing these slopes myself!

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Saturday, April 28, 2018
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After completing a very pleasant scramble / hike on Etherington-Baril Ridge I stupidly decided that I should cap off a perfect day with a jaunt up something named, "Hell's Ridge". What was I thinking?! surprise It could be convincingly argued that I was so overcome with the powerful elixirs of Spring that I wasn't thinking at all...


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Class 1 : you fall, you're stupid
Difficulty Notes: 

The only difficulty is deciding what you're going to claim as the "summit" of this interminable forested ridge and how you're going to attain it.