Jack and Jill Hill

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OT - Off-Trail Hiking
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Hmmm. There's not much "interesting" about these two front range bumps other than they offer decent views and dry off early in the season, allowing for some pleasant and long overdue hiking after a long, cold winter.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Since it was a gorgeous day and it only took me approximately 2 hours to bag my first summit of the day, I figured I might as well wander up a couple more summits before heading back to the concrete jungle. I drove a few kms back along Maclean Creek trail (hwy 549) before parking near another well site belonging to Pengrowth, along yet another access road. I chose to leave the snowshoes in the truck for this hike, and proceeded up the road in very pleasantly warm sunshine. I was questioning my choice to leave the 'shoes behind as I forked off the main (dry) road and started up an icy / snowy side track leading towards the lower Jack Hill. Thankfully this side road was mainly icy and I was following tracks which held up in the cool shade. It was only as I paid more attention to the tracks that I realized a pretty big Grizzly had made them!!


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Class 1 : you fall, you're stupid
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No difficulties other than navigating a myriad of route possibilities and possibly early season wood ticks and / or Grizzlies!