A Rolling Review of the Sony A7R

January 04 2014 - Moving Forward with Olympus OM Lenses

Since acquiring my Sony A7R in early December, I've had the opportunity to try out and build up an assortment of lenses and techniques that work for me. I'm still very much in the figuring it all out stage but thought I'd give an update now, considering the camera is still fairly new and there seems to be a lot of interest in it at this time.

A Shameless Plug!

Ok. Here's the deal. If you want to see a trip report from the north - really far north - you have to vote for my MEC photography contest entries. I know, I know - it's a shameless self promoting plug but I don't care. :) Voting can be done every day so do your part and if I win I'll reward all the readers of explor8ion with some high quality digital photo downloads. 

Yeah. It's a bribe. Deal with it.

My Battle of the Bulge

My Weight Battle

I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. I grew up on a farm and had unlimited access to cookies and milk (whole milk - not skim) while I was growing up. We ate very big meals and even though I was a very active kid, I was always known as 'big guy'. I was also made to believe by my family that my extra fat meant that I was 'big boned' - even though my natural body type is very slim and tall. I have an addictive personality and to this day milk and cookies are what I turn to when I'm having a rough day or week.


Perspective in an Overshared World

How does fit into this current ethos where the camera on the front of our phones is used more than the one on the back? How do I share what I do with others without caring too much about the reaction? Why do I share what I do? If I share my adventures with others, thereby reducing the "wild" in wilderness, am I not contributing to the problem, rather than preserving that which I love?

How many 11,000er's are there?

I'll state up front that while I love climbing the 11,000er's and plan on climbing most of them if my health stays reasonable, I have no desire to pursue the "list" of 54 (58?!) that several people have completed and more are currently working on. If I ever do complete this list it will be more by accident than with any intent. I'm done with climbing 'lists' and simply want to get out and enjoy the Rockies as much as I can.