Hiking Trails into Mount Assiniboine



There are various approaches to Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and I've now done a number of them, excepting the easiest (from the air) and some of the more obscure ones. This is a brief description of each of the four routes I've done, and two that I haven't, with a final comparison matrix at the end. These are also detailed at the Mount Assiniboine Lodge website. One short section of the climber's access route that I haven't done (yet) is the Gmoser Ledges from the Lake Magog Campground to the Hind Hut. You can find more details of that route here. My GPS route for that section is a guess at best.


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very informative, clear and easy to read
the elevation profile are very useful
very good job, it helps me a lot to plan my trip next summer
I decided to climb through sunshine meadow but to sleep at porcupine camp ground in the middle
and to come back through wonderpass is the weather is fine, and assiniboine if not.
thanks again

Did this route work for you? We are planning to do that route in August. The only question I have is how did you get transportation once you got to Shark parking lot?

Quick question, assuming that you use Settlers Road off Hwy 93 to access the 'Assiniboine Creek - Hind Hut - Lake Magog' route, how long did it take to drive to the trail head from Hwy 93?

Good question. It's a good gravel road all the way until the last few kilometers (Marvel Creek). I don't think more than an hour but I'm not positive. I know I was going around 80km/h most of the way.

Being a mountain history buff, I’ve always wanted to do this trip but hate the mob Hiking.
How crowded were the trails into this extremely popular area?

The trails into the Mount Assiniboine area are actually remarkably quiet in the fall (mid to late September). Many people are flying into the hut and hike back out. When I did my approaches I only met a handful of people on the way in or out. The trails around the area itself can be busy if you're close to the huts or campground, but nothing like the Banff front country ones. When I did my Cautley Traverse I only saw a handful of folks on my way back past Assiniboine Lodge. I was completely alone the rest of the day.


thanks for the info on the height profiles and different options!

Looking to head up to the Naiset huts in their off-season (end of April). What are the ski trail conditions usually like? Reading elsewhere it looks like the trail is decently maintained up to the pass. Through the pass is it accessible?

Hi Kevin, 

It all depends which way you plan on skiing into the area? I think that going in via Sunshine Meadows / Citadel Pass would be very high avalanche risk. Most folks that I know of go in through the Bryant Creek / Assiniboine Pass route which is much safer with snow.

Ya, we are planning the bryant creek approach. Just not sure what the tracks and trail will be like at the end of April. The cabins are not running official tours then and I don't know how travelled it will be.

There's usually a track in there but of course that also depends a bit on fresh snow dumps etc. The route should be fairly obvious - make sure you take a GPS and have a track loaded.

Thanks Vern - this is an amazing analysis and extremly helpful tool.

I've traveled to Mt. Assiniboine many times over the years via
Allenby Pass, an approach that is now mostly closed to humans out of respect for
the grizzly bears and other wildlife that use it for travel. Sunshine
meadows route is fantastic, after Citadel pass you'll find few people on
the trail and the Valley of the Rocks experience is outstanding -- passes one
the largest rock slides in North America.

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